Fire sprinklers prevent flash over.

Flash over happens when the entire room combusts from heat and gases due to a fire.
This can occur in as little as 3 mins. Flash over is UNSURVIVABLE.

At Maritime Sprinkler, we provide fully operational Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems at affordable rates for new and existing homes. We have a variety of modern fire protection systems that can be linked to your local fire department and save you up to 15% on your Homeowners insurance!

Myth: The water damage from fire sprinklers is worse than a fire.
Fact: A fire sprinkler activates during the early stages of a fire before it grows and spreads. A sprinkler will control or extinguish a fire with a tiny fraction of the water that would be used by fire department hoses. Typically, only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate, spraying water directly on the fire, not the rest of the house.

Myth: Fire sprinklers go off accidentally, causing unnecessary water damage.
Fact: Accidental fire sprinkler discharge is extremely rare. One study concluded that home fire sprinkler accidents are no more likely or severe than standard home plumbing mishaps.

Myth: Fire sprinklers are ugly.
Fact: Modern home fire sprinklers are inconspicuous and can be mounted flush with walls or ceilings. Many sprinklers can even be concealed. And, just like regular plumbing, pipes can be hidden behind ceilings or walls.

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