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Fire Protection Systems

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Fire sprinklers are mandatory in many public buildings, and people are now demanding the same level of protection for their homes. Home fire sprinklers save lives, reduce property loss and can even help cut homeowners’ insurance premiums. Not only do home fire sprinklers dramatically reduce the risk of home fire deaths, they also decrease fire damage by over two-thirds when compared to homes without sprinklers.

“Maritime Sprinkler does Quality work with good prices. They do all of my Sprinkler work. Highly recommended!”

Tony George
A.J. Investments Ltd

“Provides professional and knowledgeable service to our sprinkler systems.”

Arnold Chippin

“I’ve had Maritime Sprinkler do work for me over the past year. I have had several new sprinkler heads replaced and quarterly service!
Maritime Sprinkler have done an excellent job on all aspects, and I would recommend this company for all sprinkler needs”

Locke E. Perry
Prince Albert Lodge Special Care Home

I have used Maritime sprinkler for over two years within my Special Care Home. I was extremely impressed from the beginning. Not only were their prices fair, they also took their time to explain things to me that no other company has ever done. They are diligent, focused, and take great pride in ensuring that you’re satisfied. I highly recommend them!

Southside Special Needs Home
At least 50 percent of the causes of failed sprinkler systems can be attributed to a failure to adequately inspect and maintain fire protection systems.