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Fire Extinguisher Services

At Maritime Sprinkler Ltd, we understand the critical role that properly maintained fire extinguishers play in ensuring the safety of lives and property. Our comprehensive Fire Extinguisher Service covers inspections, recharge, maintenance, and hydro-testing to keep your equipment in optimal condition.

A row of red fire extinguishers with black hoses.

How We Work


Inspection is the cornerstone of effective fire extinguisher maintenance. Our qualified technicians conduct thorough annual inspections for various types of fire extinguishers, including Dry Chemical, CO2, Class K, Pressurized Water, and Wheeled Units. We also offer visual inspections for aluminum cylinders, ensuring a meticulous assessment of your equipment.

Recharge / Maintenance

Proper maintenance is as crucial as ownership when it comes to fire extinguishing equipment. Our licensed technicians, guided by NFPA-10 standards, provide top-notch service and ensure that your fire extinguishers will function effectively when needed. We take pride in our work and offer a one-year warranty on our recharge service for "metal-headed" hand portable fire extinguishers.


Our hydro-testing procedures are essential for identifying potential issues, preventing catastrophic failures, and ensuring the safety of your equipment. We showcase the importance of timely testing with a real-life example, emphasizing the significance of proper intervals in preventing equipment failures.


Our visual Inspections cover all types and make of stationary and portable fire extinguishers and are completed in accordance with NFPA 10 requirements and the Authority Having Jurisdiction.